Talentum® Spark

Extremely high sensitivity to flames and sparks

Talentum® Spark

The Talentum® Spark is a specialist detector designed for industrial applications to protect enclosed, dark areas where visible light is not present.


This detector has a high sensitivity to flame, sparks, and embers and has a very fast response time. The detector has one infra-red (IR) sensor, which is selective to low frequency modulated infra-red (IR) radiation such as that emitted from flames and sparks.

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Many different sources can cause sparks:


  • Blunt tooling
  • Dryers
  • Heaters
  • Hot bearings
  • Hot surfaces
  • Friction


If these sparks are picked up by the pneumatic ducts and transported to silos, it can lead to a catastrophic disaster. In a confined environment, such as ducts or silos, combustion can lead to an explosion due to the building pressure of rapid combustion in enclosed environments.


By using a specialized IR sensor, the Talentum® Spark can respond to 1.0 to 3.0μm light emitted by sparks and prevent them from reaching silos of materials where an explosion could then occur.


Spark detection is a proactive measure of explosion prevention, leading to decreased downtime for your factory.

Key Features

  • Operates at temperatures of up to 55°C
  • Die-cast zinc alloy housing
  • High sensitivity to embers or sparks
  • Very fast response time
  • Detects through layers of dust or dense material flow
  • Ideal for use on extraction ducts or machinery protection
  • Suitable for enclosed and dark areas
  • Intrinsically safe option for hazardous areas



  • Dust collectors
  • Storage silos
  • Dryers
  • Conveyor/bucket elevators
  • Rotary filters
  • Baghouses
  • Food processors
  • Pneumatic ducts
  • Grinders

Talentum® Spark

Talentum Spark

Talentum® Spark

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