Fireray® 5000 Beam Smoke Detector

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Fireray® 5000

The Fireray® 5000 motorized reflective, auto aligning infrared optical beam smoke detector can be installed with up to two detector heads per system, thus saving on installation time and costs. In addition, each system controller houses two pairs of fire and fault relays, one per detector. This innovative system has been designed from the ground up to include pioneering technology that fully addresses the needs of the installer and user, both now and in the future.



With its industry leading optics, the Fireray® 5000 is ideally suited for the protection of large areas where the use of traditional detection technologies would prove to be too difficult and/or costly to install.


The Fireray® 5000 combines an infrared transmitter and receiver in the same discrete unit and operates by projecting a well-defined beam to a reflective prism, which returns the beam to the receiver for analysis.

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Fireray® 5000

Fireray brochure

Fireray® 5000

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Fireray® 5000

Optical Beam Detector User Guide

Fireray® 5000
User Guide

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Fireray® 5000

Fireray 5000

Fireray® 5000

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