Fireray® 3000 Beam Smoke Detector

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Fireray® 3000

The Fireray® 3000 is our solution to the most technically challenged installation environments. The system uses a paired set of transmitter/receiver heads to cover the protected area. The transmitter emits a narrow beam of infra-red (IR) light in order to monitor for smoke and is controlled using a compact low level controller. Both detector heads (transmitter and receiver) have integral thumbwheels for ease of alignment. Using these thumbwheels provides a smooth and repeatable alignment process.


The Fireray® 3000 model has been designed to be installed by a single engineer. It incorporates a visible laser as an alignment aid, with alignment LEDs offering visual feedback.


  • Light Cancellation Technology™ – reduces false alarms caused by reflective surfaces and sunlight.
  • Narrow beam path – End-to-End can operate through narrow beam paths within a 12” radius.
  • Easy to test – UL approved test from controller, saving labor cost and time.



  • Education and Heritage Establishments
  • Industrial Units and Warehousing
  • Aviation Hangars
  • Glass Atria in Hotels and Retail Complexes
  • Chemical Processing and Storage Facilities
  • Tight/Narrow spaces

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Fireray® 3000

Fireray® Range

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Fireray® 3000

Fireray 3000

Fireray® 3000
User Guide

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Fireray® 3000

Fireray 3000

Fireray® 3000

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  • Model
  • In Production
  • Integrated laser
  • Auto Aligns
  • Event Log
  • Building Movement
  • Light Cancellation
  • Long Range
  • Low Level Controller
  • Contamination Compensation
  • Easy Clean
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  • Fireray® 3000

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