Fireray® 3000 Exd Beam Smoke Detector

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Fireray® 3000 Exd

The Fireray® 3000 Exd is ideally suited for the protection of large areas, with potentially explosive atmospheres, against smoking fires. The Fireray® 3000 Exd is designed for large enclosures within oil rigs, refineries, ordnance stores and similar premises. It provides an early warning of smouldering or strongly smoke generative fires, which may not be picked up by flame detectors.


A Control Unit is located within 100 metres cable run of the Receiver Unit enabling low level installation and diagnostic capability. Conforms to BS 5839 Part 5.


  • Suitable for class 1 div 2 – comprises an infra-red transmitter and receiver, both of which are ATEX-certified.
  • Saves money – up to $1000’s in saving compared to explosion proof spot detectors.
  • Accessible Controller – a separate, safe area, wall-mounted remote/low level control unit to allow adjustment and testing from a convenient non-hazardous location.
  • Easy to test – UL approved test from controller, saving labor cost and time.



  • Petrochemical Installations
  • Ordinance Stores
  • Flour mills
  • Dusty Environments
  • Aviation Hangers
  • Chemical Processing and Storage Facilities

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Fireray® 3000 Exd

Fireray® Range

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Fireray® 3000 Exd

Fireray® 3000 Exd
User Guide

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Fireray® 3000 Exd

Fireray® 3000 Exd

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  • Model
  • In Production
  • Integrated laser
  • Auto Aligns
  • Event Log
  • Building Movement
  • Light Cancellation
  • Long Range
  • Low Level Controller
  • Contamination Compensation
  • Easy Clean
  • Fireray® One

  • Fireray® 5000

  • Fireray® 3000

  • Fireray® 2000

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