Air purge: When, Where, Why?

Whilst the IR2 and IR3 types of Flame Detector can still work with contamination (from dust or dirt for example) on the sensor window, their working range and sensitivity can be reduced.

Cleaning the Flame Detector, if it is high off the ground, may be difficult and or expensive, this is where the Flame Detector Air Purge kit comes in.

The Air Purge kit enables the Service Engineer to keep the Flame Detector’s sensor window clean and hence the Flame Detector works at its maximum capability.

By connecting an Air Line or Compressed Air Cylinder to the Air Purge hose, the pressurized air can be used to clean the Flame Detector’s sensor window. This can be done as and when required, depending of the levels of contamination on the site to keep the Flame Detector working at its maximum capability.


Whilst both IR2 & IR3 Flame Detectors can still function, the UV/IR2 is a different matter. Because Ultra Violet cannot pass through various types of contamination, like dust and dirt, this means that the UV/IR2 Flame Detector may not pick up a fire if the sensor window is dirty, this makes regular cleaning essential if the UV/IR2 is to work at its maximum capability.

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