About us

FFE develops and manufactures fire safety products for your unique requirements. For over 40 years, fire installers, electrical contractors, and fire protection engineers have been working with us to provide optimal protection in challenging applications. Our expertise is projected beam type smoke detection and flame detection.


As you know, fire detection is crucial in providing warning to save lives and protect livelihoods. However, fire protection is not straightforward, especially in challenging applications where common solutions may not work well. like large spaces in commercial buildings and wide areas. You need to provide detection at a reasonable cost that is easy to install. It also needs to be easy to inspect, test, and maintain over the service life of the system. This is exactly what we help you with.


The Fireray brand of projected beam smoke detectors allow you to protect large spaces with minimal labor, minimal maintenance, and maximum protection.


The Talentum brand of flame detectors allows you to protect high value assets where quick, early warning is crucial to safeguard the area and its assets in case of a fire.


Our products are designed to eliminate false alarms, but that alone is not enough. The US team are being built to support you. You can set a time with our sales engineers here for design support and code compliance support. We provide you pre-design support, installation support and offer engineering assistance to stay compliant with national codes, NFPA and SFPE guidance.

Our expertise could also help you employ performance-based design more accurately and effectively.

If your work involves life safety systems and want to minimize labor while maximizing protection, you should work with us. Contact us today to setup an intro call about beam-smoke detectors and/or flame detectors.

Contact us today to setup an intro call about beam-smoke detectors and/or flame detectors.