A Flame Detector that can detect a fire through glass!

‘Talentum Flame Detectors can see through glass, 4.3µM Types cannot’.


Placing Flame Detectors behind glass either to protect them or for convenience may seem like a good idea. If you have a factory where there is a spray booth for example, you think you may be able to protect the risk by either placing the Flame Detector in an office with the Flame Detector pointing through a window at the risk, or placing it in a glass fronted box in the area to be protected.

This makes the Talentum IR2 and IR3 very versatile Flame Detectors as they can be placed in many different areas of a building, while care needs to be taken when siting a 4.3µM Flame Detector.

This seems a like good idea, because the Flame Detector will be protected from contamination and the window the Flame Detector is looking through can easily be cleaned. However, 4.3µM Flame Detectors cannot detect a flame through a normal glass window as the 4.3µM part of the Light Spectrum is absorbed by normal glass.


As the Talentum IR2 and IR3 Flame Detectors are looking to detect a flame in a part of the Light Spectrum which is not absorbed by normal glass, they will detect a flame through normal glass. Please note, there will be a slight reduction in the normal detection range (25M) if the Talentum IR2 and IR3s are placed behind glass.


Please note: Glass will also prevent Ultra-Violet from passing through it, so the Talentum UV/IR2 should but be used to detect flames through glass.