Open area smoke detection – virtually trouble free.

Reliable, simple to install beam type smoke detectors. Compatible with all fire alarm panels.

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Light Cancellation Technology

Light Cancellation Technology

Fireray®’s patented technology actively cancels ambient light from the sun or artificial sources.

Building movement tracker

Building Movement Tracking

Fireray® Reflective beam smoke detectors can automatically track building movement to maintain optimum alignment throughout its life.

Saves you money

Save time

Save thousands in equipment and labor cost on your next project.

Auto Alignment


Work with our licensed fire alarm design staff to support your project’s unique needs.

25,000+ detectors installed across the USA
100+ USA installer companies work with us

“Fireray beam smoke detectors have saved us countless hours. Being able to perform all maintenance and testing from ground level is a game changer and our customers appreciate it too. Every few years someone may need to dust off a reflector but that’s it. Minimal call backs from customers means we walk away confidently after a job. Years ago we installed Fireray 5000’s in an event center with 105’ high ceilings and everything’s been great so far. It would have probably cost tens of thousands of dollars more to go with an aspirating system for this project instead of beams. I get a sense of satisfaction knowing that I’m doing right by my employees and customers when I use Fireray products”


– Monte Dumke,
Automatic Building Controls, Inc.

Fireray Beam Detector

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Fireray® One


One person installation

One standalone product

Fireray 5000

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Fireray® 5000

Accessible Controller

Building Movement Tracking™


Fireray 3000

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Fireray® 3000

Light Cancellation Technology™

Narrow beam path

Easy to test

Which Fireray Beam Smoke Detector Should I Choose?

Use this flow chart to determine which product you need to use for your application.

The Fireray® comparison chart
  • Model
  • In Production
  • Integrated laser
  • Auto Aligns
  • Event Log
  • Building Movement
  • Light Cancellation
  • Long Range
  • Low Level Controller
  • Contamination Compensation
  • Easy Clean
  • Fireray® One

  • Fireray® 5000

  • Fireray® 3000

  • Fireray® 2000

Fireray® FAQs

Benefits of Fireray One
The Fireray One is the first a standalone beam smoke detector that prioritizes ease of installation. This detector requires no specialist tools, minimal prior knowledge and training to install & comes equipped with an array of new and improved features. The Fireray One beam smoke detector has a built-in laser and can align itself in 2 minutes or less, with just the flick of a switch. The Building movement tracking continuously maintains alignment while the Light cancellation technology that is incorporated into the detector prevents nuisance alarms caused by sunlight. It can protect an area from 16ft to 393.6ft. The Fireray One is Ideal for applications where a low-level controller would be unsuitable or impractical and is best used in Warehouses, Glass Atrias, Shopping Malls, Airports, Schools and Churches.

Benefits of Fireray 5000
The Fireray 5000 is motorized reflective beam smoke detection system with a low-level controller that can be installed with up to two heads per system. The Low-level controller allows you to have control from the ground up and reduces height access costs, while as a reflective unit wiring and power are only required at the transceiver.​

This system also comes with separate fire and fault relays, allowing you to easily identify precisely which detector has gone into fault or fire. It can protect an area across a range of distances from 26.2 ft. to 328 ft.  ​ The Fireray 5000 is best used in Warehouses, Glass Atrias, Shopping Malls, Schools, Aviation Hangers and Churches.

Benefits of Fireray 3000
The Fireray 3000 is an End-to-End Optical Beam Smoke Detector which allows for 2 Detectors per System Controller. The key differentiating factor of the 3000 is its ability to operate in challenging environments. It is ideal in dirty, highly reflective or narrow gap installations.

This beam also comes equipped with light cancelling technology which allows installation of units in areas of high sunlight, as well as in areas with sodium lighting and other bright light sources.​ It has a Low-level system controller to allow control from ground level and it has an Integral laser to aid with alignment.​ It can protect an area from 16.4 ft. to 393.6 ft. The Fireray 3000 is best used in Industrial Units, Warehouses, Chemical Processing Plants, Glass Atrias, Shopping Malls, Schools, Aviation Hangers and Churches.


You need a 3.3ft diameter Line of Sight and ideally not have any reflective surfaces along the beam smoke detector run. Glass and shiny surfaces along the beam smoke detectors path should be avoided. If you can’t achieve this, the End to End type can be used (Fireray 3000).

If you cannot archive the guidelines for the Reflective type (Fireray One or Fireray 5000), the End to End should be used (Fireray 3000).

Areas which are open to the outside world, have lots of airborne contamination or large temperature swings should be avoided when using beams smoke detectors.

The Fireray 3000 and Fireray 5000 can accommodate two detector heads. The new Fireray Hub can have 3 Detectors heads both Reflective and End to End on the same set up.

Fireray 5000 and 3000: The right hand LED on the Controller will flash Green every 10 seconds if the System is working (the Detectors on the F5000 will also flash Green every 10 seconds). If the System is in fault, an Amber LED will flash to indicate the position (or number) of the faulty Beam (the Detectors on the F5000 will flash Amber every 10 seconds if they are faulty, but can also display no LED under certain types of failure mode).


Fireray One: A Green LED flashing means the Beam is working, an Amber LED flashing every 3, 5 or 10 seconds indicates a fault.

Fireray Technical Pocket Guide

We have published a Technical Pocket Guide for our Fireray range of Beam Smoke Detectors. Free-of-charge, it’s available in either hard or soft copy formats.

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